F R E S H   A F   F O O D   T R U C K
is a fictitious business that brings healthy,
fresh food to the community by mobile restaurant.
They pride themselves on using local produce
and having a new special everyday that
fuels your body with tasty noms that will
keep your heart pumpin' like a champ.
They also want to be easily accessible so a drop
pin of their location is always available. 

I created the logo + web design mock up for
this not-so-real dream on wheels as a design
project / challenge but also because it really
needs to exist. So make it happen,
take this logo, name, design ect. and make
my vegan heart melt.

My intention with the logo was to create a design
that quickly expressed the ideals of the business
while also giving a subtle nod to the shape
of a drop pin. 

I also designed the other icons used the the
mock up and if they would serve as clickable
links to the corresponding subject.

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